Whether you are looking for a quick wash and wax or looking for an extensive paint correction solution Syracuse Auto Spa will take pride in ensuring your vehicle looks its best. Don't see a specific package that meets your exact needs? No problem! Please call or email us and we can create the perfect solution.

Here at Syracuse Auto Spa we believe that every vehicles needs are different and do our best not to work off a "menu". By utilizing a consultative approach based on the vehicles condition and customer expectations we are able to ensure that your vehicle is looking its best, based on your vision and budget! With that in mind please use below as a general guide/starting point  to help select the type of services that might work best for your unique situation.  

Exterior Services

Premium Exterior Detail - Ideal touch-up for most well maintained vehicles - Prices starting at $75

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • General Wash Decontamination
  • Vehicle dried and trim/crevices blown-air dried
  • Wiping of door jambs, fuel door, trunk lid, & hood
  • Clean all interior/exterior glass surfaces
  • Decontamination/Cleaning of  wheel faces, barrels (inside of wheel), wheel wells, and tires 
  • Machine applied high quality paint sealant 
  • Final Inspection
  • ***Moderately contaminated vehicles will require clay bar decontamination treatment (additional cost) in order to remove surface contaminants prior to sealant being applied***

Signature Exterior Detail - Excellent 1-step machine Polish & Protect package. Perfect protection for new cars and trucks or refreshing your daily driver! - Pricing starting at $125

  • Includes all services above including clay bar plus...
  • Exhaust polished
  • 1-step machine polish to restore gloss and remove minor scratches (deeper scratch and swirl removal will require Signature+ paint correction services)
  • Machine applied high quality paint sealant

Signature+ Paint Correction & Detail - Looking for a super high-gloss virtually scratch and swirl free finish? Look no further! - Pricing by estimate only

  • Includes everything above plus...
  • 1-3 steps of machine polishing to level the surface of the paint, removing scratches and swirls, restoring paint to like (or most times better than) new condition. 

Nano Ceramic Paint Coatings

  • Looking to protect your vehicles finish from wash scratches, bird bombs, sap, and more!? Looking for vehicle protection that lasts for years rather than months? Head over to our Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coatings page for more information!

Interior Services

Express Interior Cleaning - Starting at $75 

  • Vacuum interior
  • Wipe dash
  • UV protect dash
  • Shampoo floor mats
  • Clean windows
  • Clean & sanitize hard surfaces

Premium Interior Detail - $125 ($100 when combined with an exterior service)

  • Includes everything above plus...
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Spot clean fabric seating surfaces
  • Clean and condition leather (if applicable)
  • UV protect all hard surfaces
  • Deep clean and condition all door seals

Additional Services

Headlight Restoration - Starting at $50

Engine Detail - Starting at $50

Gyeon Fabric/Leather Coatings - Strating at $100

Wheel-off Wheel and Caliper Decontamination and Coating - Starting at $50/wheel

Gyeon View Windsheild Coating - Starting at $75

Boat & RV Detailing (quoted by foot and condition prior to detail)

Boat Pricing starting @ $8/ft

RV Pricing starting @ $12/ft


Important Notes:

Additional charges will be added based upon size of vehicle and level of filth. (i.e. heavy bug and/or tar contamination, paint scuffs, dog hair, etc.)

All trash, personal belongings and Child seats should be removed prior to appointment. Customer is responsible for re-installation of child seat(s). Thanks!